Here's Your Shot Photography | St Maarten - Saba, 2012

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Spotted Trunkfish and Common Sea FanPICT0001-2Hawksbill TurtlePICT0008PICT0008-2Branching Tube SpongeHoneycomb Cowfish, branching vase sponge and fire coralBlackbar Soldierfish school on bridge rubbleDiver/Photographer on the PorpoiseLonglure FrogfishPICT0019Blackbar Soldierfish schoolLongsnout SeahorseFishing;  Longlure Frogfish with lure deployedSpotted Moray EelThe PorpoiseLongsnout SeahorseFoureye Butterflyfish and Maze CoralSpiny LobsterMay I help you?  Secretary Blenny and Coral Encrusting Sponge